Presale Department Of Truth #12 "Baby-Eater-Smalls" Bryan SilverBaX Art Exclusive Limited to 500

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Bryan SilverBaX's 5th HawgJaw Exclusive in 2021!!!

Release date is 8/25/2021, Fulfillment to begin by 9/1/21 

You will receive 1 virgin full color copy of Department of Truth #12 featuring artwork by Bryan SilverBax (Loggerhead, Scout Comics, Kerra Prime). 

"Record Award" Cardstock COA's will be hand numbered by Mrs HawgJaw

No cancellations on presale items permitted. Presale books are vetted to grade 9.4-9.8. Sometimes a "bad" print run will cause a majority of books to fall below this grade range. If this occurs we will do everything we can to have the books replaced. We reserve copies to absorb damaged or lower grade copies, this way our customers receive high quality books. 

We take shipping seriously, Our method of shipping has earned a great deal of praise. No matter the book it will be wrapped in 2 ft of bubble wrap and shipped in a Gemini brand box and poly mailer. This not only protects the book from damage but also moisture and humidity.